What is Project Zebra?

Being able to walk safely to school in a small town like Whitstable should be easy. There are some things that make this possible:

  • courteous drivers who pay attention to parking restrictions and speed limits
  • well maintained pavements
  • sensible, marked crossing places that give priority to pedestrians
  • reduced speed limits around schools and narrowed roads in key places
  • clear signage
  • schemes such as ‘walking buses’ and ‘pupil road safety marshals’ to help facilitate safe walking journeys

Project Zebra is a parent-powered campaign to improve the ‘walking to school’ journey across the town by campaigning for much needed improvements in, and maintenance of, our town’s crossings, signs, markers and speed limits. We also want to improve pollution-reduction measures across town, so little (and big) lungs don’t absorb as many emission-related toxins.

We are collecting parent and community ideas for said improvements to present to Kent County Council, Canterbury City Council and the local police force. By collecting evidence and working as a group, we have great lobbying power to make changes that will make all our roads safer.

Please fill in our survey (link on homepage) and share with your friends and neighbours in the Whitstable community.

Thank you,

Charlotte & the Project Zebra team.

Charlotte and her family (somewhere needing a bridge more than a Zebra crossing!)

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